How I Became Less Scared of Moths in Thailand

Jungle Hut

My ultimate insect phobia is moths, I can’t stand them. I get that it’s totally irrational, like what are they going to do to me? Flap me to death with their teeny tiny wings? It’s just they’re so black and silent and fly around your face. When I was kid I would get a bit hysterical around moths but I like to think these days my fear is at more manageable and socially acceptable level. And all because of a trip to Thailand.

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Canyoning Adventure Thailand

Canyoning Thailand

There is no way I’m doing that, I remember thinking staring down the sheer smooth rocks of the waterfall. Our guide was explaining the exact point where I needed to step off the ledge and abseil down the waterfall into the small lagoon far below. As I looked around at the eyes of my friends in the group I saw equal parts of excitement and nervousness. I’ve already come this far, there’s no backing out now.

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Volunteering in Thailand


Thailand Sunrise

“Just to travel is rather boring, but to travel with a purpose is educational and exciting” is a quote by Sargent Shriver I came across recently. My initial reaction was to disagree and say all travel is exciting, but it is the purpose that makes travel exciting whether that purpose is to see something new or something more altruistic. And that’s where we are heading today, volunteer holidays. They are a concept which on paper seem rather absurd, I pay a someone else money to work, is it not supposed to be the other way around? But in reality volunteering is one of those rare situations in life where everyone wins! You get to see something new, learn something new, engage with a culture or group of people you wouldn’t in an ordinary situation get to do and you get to feel good about helping someone else. And the people or organization you volunteer with get some free labour, some funding and the exposure from your constant instagraming while you’re there!

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