When Illness Strikes While Away

Being Sick While Away

Being sick or injured whilst traveling is horrible for two reasons. Firstly, it ruins your plans, whether you were going to be lazing by the pool or rock climbing being sick takes the fun out of both those options. Secondly, you don’t have your usual support network that you do at home, your local doctor, your own bed, your mum are all far away.

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The Way of St James


Visiting Santiago de Compostela is like traveling back in time. This is the city where the apostle James reportedly did much of his ministry and is the destination of The Way of St James pilgrimage route. The Pilgrimage originated in the 9th century and over 100,000 pilgrims travel along the route each year. Old Town is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is characterised by winding cobblestone streets, lined with shops and restaurants and regularly interspersed with historically significant sites and buildings.

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