Travel Hacks – Doing Things for Free

Travel hacks

Travelling can be an expensive beast, I have been known to send an SOS email home during the last week of a trip asking to “borrow” some money to get me through to the end. So whenever there is an opportunity do something free I am all about that!

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I Left my Heart in San Francisco

San Francisco Skyline

You can love a city whilst also knowing you could never live there. For instance, I fell in love with Venice almost instantly, it’s straight out of a fairy tale with it’s cobblestone streets and gondola filled canals. But honestly, how would you live there? Do people really go supermarket shopping on a water taxi? Like most beautiful things, Venice struck me as being quite impractical for regular day-to-day life. On the other side of the Atlantic I had an entirely different experience when I found the home I never knew I was missing in San Francisco.

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