Traversing The Green Mountain


Jebel Al Akhdar

The sky was dark and moody as we got out of the car on Jebel Al Akhdar (aka the Green Mountain) not far down the road from Diana Point. Here legend has it that Princess Diana starred across the gorge crying for her failing marriage. Our tour guide told us to follow the path through the small village and then follow the markers along the hiking trail and she would meet us at the other end. The air was cool with the storm brewing overhead so we added some extra layers, I slung my camera bag over my shoulder and we headed on in.

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Oman: A Photo Diary – Part One

Nizwa Oman

Flying into Oman this week I didn’t really know what to expect. I had heard nothing but positive reviews about Muscat as a city and the surrounding areas and as I craned my neck to see out of the small plane window and saw the rolling mountains below I was excited about what was to come. Fancy words are all well and good  but imagery is better, so here are some of my favourite photos from the last week in Oman.

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