Saudi Sandstorm


It was the evening of my birthday so we were all dressed up and having dinner at a fancy restaurant at compound a 20 minute drive away from our compound in Dhahran. The evening was pleasant as the heat of the day cooled while sun started to set and a temperate breeze tugged at the hem of my evening dress.

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Christmas in the Desert

Saudi Arabia Dhahran Halfmoon Bay

Seeing as tomorrow is Christmas, it’s either now or never to talk about traveling on Christmas Day. Well not never, but Christmas Day 2015 seems a long way off right now!

I have only ever spent one Christmas Day away from home. Family is probably the most important thing to me and Christmas Day is when you want to surround yourself with those you love and celebrate together, so it follows that I always ensure that I find a way to spend Christmas Day with my family. Christmas 2011 was no different, except instead of a Christmas at home with the whole extended family, that year it was just our little family in the middle of the desert.

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