What’s the Best Meal You’ve Ever Had?


Best Asian Food

Asking me to pick the best meal I’ve had while traveling is like asking me to pick my favourite child. I’ve had so many delicious and diverse meals in interesting places that it seems unfair to pick a favorite. Also, it’s tricky because I don’t have children. It might be easier if I segment this, let’s start with Asian cuisine:

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Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas

It was easily the biggest hotel I’d ever been to, well casino really. From reception you crossed the floor of slot machines to take the elevator up and up interminably to the floor where our room was, high up in the pyramid of The Luxor. The room smelt strongly of air freshener trying cover the still discernible stench of cigarette smoke, why it’s still legal to smoke indoors in public places in America I do not understand!. To me that summed up my time in Las Vegas, there’s lots of glitz and glamour but you still get a waft of the rather gritty and unpalatable reality hiding behind the sequins and poker tables.

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My Australian To Do List


I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of my home country. My parents were big believers in traveling locally before traveling internationally and my childhood school holidays were often filled with road trips to the country or to find a new beach. But there are a few places that managed to slip through the cracks that I absolutely need to visit.

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The Smithsonian

Natural History Museum

It turns out the Smithsonian isn’t one museum but actually a series of museums each dedicated to a different aspect of scientific discovery. The museums run along the section of the grassy green National Mall that runs from the Capital Building to the Washington Monument.

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Off With Her Head – London’s Dark Past

London Bridge

Jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, jacket off. It was starting to drive me crazy. The light snow which had been totally magical the day before had melted into grey sludge that was slowly seeping into my shoes and the icy air still shrouded the tops of the terrace houses in fog, biting at the back of my throat. January was probably not the best time of year to visit London, but I certainly wasn’t going to let some bad (very cold) weather stop me from getting outside and getting to know the city.

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