The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

The snow crunched under foot and sat over a foot high on the picnic tables. When I had booked a tour out to the Grand Canyon I had never imagined that it would be snowing. Even though it was February I had assumed that Arizona was always a warmer climate. The snow was magical though still fresh enough that it wasn’t slushy but a fresh crisp white.

The tour bus had picked me up from The Luxor in Las Vegas at 5:30am and as the sun gradually rose we headed to the Hoover Dam and then exited Nevada for Arizona.

The trip to the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon took almost 8 hours each way, so it was a big day; the views were worth it though! It’s pretty crazy, you walk from the car park through shrubs and foliage following the trail, you get to the safety fence and suddenly the ground starts to dramatically fall away into a huge chasm.

Rather then being an even sink hole the canyon has a unique personality. The rocky outcrops create distinct statues amongst the greenery and tiered strata of gradiated colors of rocks from millions of years of erosion pattern the way down the canyon to the Colorado River below.

The Grand Canyon is around a mile deep so you feel dwarfed as you walk along side the rim. Far below I could see people riding donkeys into the canyon, a definite must do for next trip. I was relieved that the snow and cooler weather weren’t blocking the view over the canyon, it would have been a shame to come all this way and not be able to see anything. Instead the entire magnificent vista was think with snow at the rim and then more lightly dusted below in the canyon. It looked like a fairy garden for very big fairies!


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