How to Pick Your Travel Buddy

Travel Buddy

In theory finding a travel companion should be easy but in practice it’s a rather tricky beast. If you don’t find someone who you are compatible to travel with it can ruin friendships and worse it can very easily ruin your holiday!

Sometimes someone who is your best friends is not always the right person to travel with. Here a few ways I like to use to test travel compatibility:

1) Find out the types of things they like to do while traveling. If they want to go skydiving and black water rafting and you want visit museums and go shopping then chances are finding activities you both enjoy will be hard. Comprise is important when traveling but if you spend a lot of time and money on your holiday, you don’t want to come home feeling like you didn’t get to do anything you wanted to do.

2) Find out the types of places they like to stay in. Accommodation can be contentious. I like staying in hotels that are relatively nice, preferably that serve 24 hour rooms service. Figure out what your non-negotiables are and stick with them. I know I’m not happy to share a bedroom or bathroom with strangers. So if a friend asks me to go backpacking I know it’s not a good fit!

3) Plan the holiday together. You’ll get an idea of the types of things the other person wants to see and experience and a chance to voice your own wants and desires for the trip. Also, if you get into into huge fights deciding on an itinerary imagine how much worse it’ll be when you’re sharing a hotel room every day!

4) Be honest up front and think about the worse traits you have whilst traveling. Not to put people off traveling with you but because forewarned is forearmed. I need people to know that I get grumpy when I’m hungry, and if I don’t find food fast I’m not responsible for what happens.

5) And once you’ve done all the due diligence throw caution to the wind and try it out. And remember to schedule a couple of alone days during your trip to give each other some space, and if you’ve done a good job picking each other then you’ll probably find you’ll miss them on your days apart!


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